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Toolkit on Starting from Scratch
By Prashant Sengar • Issue #5 • View online
In this issue, we will try to find out how to build better habits from scratch. I will also lay out my plan on how I am going to get up again and start running.

Source [1]
Source [1]
From 0 to 100 and back to 0
At the start of this year, I did not have any real good habits to boast of. I decided to change that. I started the process of building good habits to improve myself physically and mentally.
I started meditating 5 minutes a day and I kept doing it. I did it for 60 days straight (barring one-two days). I also started exercising along with this. I built a habit of exercising 3 days a week.
I always wanted to read and write more. I decided to do that as well.
Two weeks ago, I had formed the following habits:
  1. Meditating
  2. Exercising
  3. Reading
  4. Writing
  5. Working on multiple side projects every day
I had built a really good system. Then everything broke two weeks ago, due to a problem. Except for meditation, I could not follow any other habit of mine.
I am back to level 0.
But I am very excited now.
Excited to document everything
When I had built all these habits, I was wondering that I never documented my process. This means that I may not be able to build all of them again if I ever fell off track. I want to prove myself wrong here.
While I build the habits again, I will document the process so that I know what to do the next time anything like this happens.
The Plan
Because of all the articles I read and videos I watched on how to build good habits, I learned a lot about how to do it. Here is my basic plan of how I am going to build all my habits again:
  1. One at a time : I have tried to build these habits earlier as well. The worst mistake I used to make then was that I tried to do everything at once. Read 1 chapter, meditate for 10 minutes, and go for a run all on a single day. Needless to say, I never built a single habit out of this. What changed this year was that I was focused on one thing. I am going to focus on exercising habit first.
  2. Start small : Doing a lot on day 1 makes your brain hate the habit. Instead, starting by taking small steps makes it easier for you to continue doing it. I am going to do light exercise for 5 minutes every day.
  3. Do it at a fixed time and place every day : Having a familiar environment for your daily tasks helps you in getting in the mood to do it. It does not seem that it will work, but it actually does. I am going to exercise in the morning in my room.
  4. Chain your habits : Chaining your habits is a very good hack to help you remember following the new habit. For example, if you decide to exercise after brushing your teeth, you will better remember it. I will exercise after taking a bath.
  5. Do it first : Do not “I will do it later”. Do it right when you decided to do it. Postponing it will result in you forgetting to do it. The only days I missed my meditation were when I thought that I will do it after I complete one job.
Let’s see how it goes
I will keep doing it for 14 days and will update you about it in the next newsletter.
James Clear’s blog [2] is the best to learn how to form good habits (or stop doing bad ones). Charles Duhigg’s “The Power of Habit” [3] is a great read as well.
For exercising, “30 Day Fitness Challenge” [4] by Leap Fitness Group is an awesome choice as it removes all your options. You have to do just one thing every day, open the app and exercise.
Atom [5] is the best if you want to build a meditation habit. It brings all the above-mentioned points to action.
Did you enjoy this issue?
Prashant Sengar

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